Abiy Ahmed & Co: Change And Euphoria In Horn Africa, And One Of The Most Unlikely Events Of The 21st Century So Far

Are Gulf powers pushing for the unification of the Horn of Africa under the leadership of Ethiopia, and the “De-Turkification” of Somalia?

As The African Union Chiefs Meet, They Confront A Problem That Refuses To Go Away: The Continuing Threat Of Terrorism

The future of AMISOM has become uncertain. Problems regarding external funding and support for the mission have led to in a decision to begin withdrawing forces in 2018, ahead of a full pullout by 2020

The Biggest Donors Of 2016: ‘Strange’ Year In Which Greece Got More Emergency Aid Than Chad, Zimbabwe

While conflict-ravaged South Sudan, followed by Somalia, were the largest recipients of humanitarian aid in Africa, the rest of the positions are taken up African giants Ethiopia, DR Congo, Nigeria, Sudan