Surprised? African Migrants From The Horn Braving It To War-Torn Yemen For The Gulf, Are Far More Than Those Trying For Europe

Despite Yemen’s vicious war, a vigorous kidnapping and torture-for-ransom industry, and threats of deportation by Yemenis and Saudis, Ethiopians and Somalis continue to travel to Yemen hoping to reach the Gulf.

Egypt Disaster: ‘Save us! This Boat Is Going To Sink’, They Cried. At Least 204 Died

An overloaded boat, carrying around 500 migrants destined for Italy, capsized. The tragedy has put the spotlight on a worrying trend – the increasing numbers of unaccompanied children

Random Thoughts And Heresies: From A Four-Wheel Drive Kingdom, American Warriors, ‘Crazy’ African Boat People, And Proud Ethiopians

WHAT A MONTH OCTOBER was – great stories, tragedies galore, rumours, spy drama, Nobel Prizes dished out, Mo Ibrahim Foundation refusing yet again to dole out the African Leadership prize, name it. So what should we make of all the exciting – and for sure depressing – stuff? At one point, as I reflected on these events, my mind went …