A New ‘Scramble For Africans’: Once Continent’s Soaring Population Was Alarming, Today It’s A Big Opportunity. Why?

Africa is a continent about which many wildly different stories have been told. It has not always been provided the chance to tell its own stories.

We Got This: Uganda Gives A Masterclass In Tackling The Refugee Crisis Globally

Uganda represents a bright spot in the bleak global landscape of refugee despair. Refugees have the same access to schools and healthcare clinics, as Ugandan nationals. They are even allowed to vote in local council elections

Sub-Saharan Africa Worst Place In World To Be Young, Says Report, And This Country Is The One To Really Avoid

Some 2.3 million people out of a population of 4.6 million are currently in need of aid; 385,000 have been made homeless; and 452,000 forced to flee the country