Hunting For Gambia’s Jammeh: Things Aren’t So Cushy Nowadays As They Were For The African Dictators Of Old

There may come a time when Equatorial Guinea’s Obiang Nguema, now Africa’s longest-serving leader and no mug, thinks Jammeh is the right card for him to play.

Why The Resignation And Fall Of Old Leaders Is Not A Cause For Hope Among Africa’s Youth

There needs to be a new generation of leaders in Africa that are untied to the complicated histories of their countries’ pasts

West Africa Issues Wake-Up Call To Africa’s Tyrants: Holding Former Rulers Accountable For Atrocities Catching On In Region?

The rest of the continent has so far remained largely immune from the contagion of international criminal justice sweeping West Africa.

Why Africa’s Dictators Live Long While Its Democrats Die Off Quickly: The Political Gods Have A Naughty Sense Of Humour

Ghana’s President John Atta Mills, died on Tuesday aged 68. If the gods of democracy exist somewhere out there, then they are sending very mixed signals to African democrats. There is now a nearly-established fact of African politics. The strongmen and dictators not only rule longer (naturally), they also seem to live longer than the democratic ones. In 2007 Nigerians …