#WhatWouldMagufuliDo? Once He Could Do No Wrong. Today He Wears A Dangerous Autocrat’s Face

Barely two years ago Magufuli was hot stuff in Tanzanian and all over Africa. Long-suffering citizens looked at their own moribund governments and wondered what would happen if the man they called “Bulldozer” was in charge.

Zambia’s Lungu Says He’s No Dictator And Doesn’t Want To Be One, But He’s Turning Into A Mugabe Very Fast

Lungu took advantage of a fire at a popular Lusaka market to declare a state of emergency, that gives him power to suspend Parliament, restrict freedom of movement, and impose a curfew.

Behind Uganda President Museveni’s Political Kissing And Makeup: An African Big Man Searches For His Legacy

Recently I was visiting with Andrew Mwenda, the Strategy and Editorial Director of the Uganda current affairs magazine The Independent at his Butabika home, in Kampala’s suburbs, when he squeezed me for a favour. He asked that I write about what I thought President Yoweri Museveni was trying to achieve with his “reconciliatory” actions towards several likely and unlikely people over …