Why The Return Of Art Looted From Africa During The Colonial Period Could Potentially Remake Europe-Africa Relations

“…these objects…cannot be returned to a so-called ‘owner’, since these owners don’t exist [during colonialism] for these museums because these countries did not exist at the time” – French historian Pascal Blanchard.

Billions Being Spent In Africa’s ‘Dam’ Race, But There Will Still Not Be Enough Power By 2040

The big kahuna of African dams, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, is over 70% complete

The World According To Kagame: People Who Have Power, A Lot Of Power, Should Use It Wisely (And Who He’d Like To Succeed Him)

 So what does Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame REALLY think about accusations (which he denies) that he, or at least some key figures in the Rwandan government and military, are the patrons of the Democratic Republic of Congo rebel group M23 that recently captured the eastern city of Goma? What does he think of “international justice”? Is Rwanda going to blink …