A Big Fight Over Size Of Elephant Kill In Botswana: Too Important To Be Just A Numbers Game

Botswana’s “shoot-to-kill” approach toward poachers turned out to be as contentious as it was effective.

The Other Side Of The World Cup: Africa’s Disappearing Football Fields And Wildlife Homes

As Africa rapidly urbanises, town and school playgrounds where poor children first get to play football are being taken over by developers to build and meet the soaring demand for housing.

Sudan The Rhino’s Death Played Out Differently In Africa This Time…Because It Told A Troubling Story About Us

In Africa diligent environmental management, is a fairly reliable proxy for broader good governance. Efficient and less corrupt governments tend to be better conservationists

The Ivory Trade Is Brutal – And Complicated – Business: Power And Poaching In Africa

Anyone who believes that China’s recent pledge to ban the ivory trade by the end of 2017 will make a difference to the threat hanging over African elephants will have a rude awakening after reading this book