‘In Praise Of Defeat’ And ‘Tattooed Memory’: In New Translations, We Learn The Fine Things About Moroccan Identity And Culture

Multilingualism is threatened…poetry is one way to tune the instruments of the soul, explore the sensuality of human bodies, and respond to terror and injustice.

From London to Harare: A Book About Activists Looking For A Piece Of ‘Bloody’ Real Action

Viktor spends his days immersed in his computer. He connects with the world through Facebook and Twitter, writing blogs and posting them on a website of radical politics. He longs for practice, for life in action.

In 1900 Africa Was Home To 120M People. Today Its 1.2Bn! Many Are Starving, But Leaders Don’t Want To Talk About It

The issue of land rights in Africa is a complex one. In many nations, the farmland was stolen, or purchased under suspiciously generous conditions.

Does Trump’s ‘America First’ Cry Sound Familiar? ‘Rhodesia First, Last, And Always’ Racist White Nationalists Used It Too

In Rhodesia the racists opposed the decolonisation wave. Trump headlines an anti-globalisation movement. Ian Smith famously vowed that the tiny white minority would rule modern-day Zimbabwe for 1,000 years. He was wrong