West Africa Issues Wake-Up Call To Africa’s Tyrants: Holding Former Rulers Accountable For Atrocities Catching On In Region?

The rest of the continent has so far remained largely immune from the contagion of international criminal justice sweeping West Africa.

Africa Faces New Threat To Its Democracy: The ‘Constitutional Coup’ aka ‘Third Term Tragedy’

In the 1990s many African states reinvented their constitutions to build good political societies. They moved away from one-party authoritarian states. The limitations on presidential terms have not entirely quashed a culture of entitlement to rule

Tweeting And WhatsApping The Revolution: Will Africa’s Young People Inherit The Political Kingdom, Or Burn It Down?

The lack of regular free, fair and competitive elections is what is most frustrating to people in places like Zimbabwe, Uganda, Gabon, Cameroon, Burundi, Congo and Ethiopia