Hello Addis Ababa, Kampala, Lomé, Nairobi And Africa’s Many ‘Nature Cities’, Here’s A Toast To Your Roots

Those who think that Africans have no strong relationship with nature, or need more education and convincing about wildlife and wildlands, there’s history to prove them wrong

Chasing After Peace In Mali: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

President Keïta has announced that a national dialogue conference would take place in March. Meanwhile the people, especially in the north, continue to await true change in their daily lives

Deeply Unpopular At Home, Hollande Looks To Shore Legacy By Holding This Week’s Africa-France Summit In Mali

Chad’s Déby, Togo’s Bongo and other incumbents – reportedly including Zimbabwe’s ubiquitous Mugabe – safely ensconced in power by fair means or foul, will preen before the cameras and bask in France’s official approval

POLITICALLY INCORRECT: Why Africa’s Cities Are The Dirtiest In The World, And ‘Village Food’ Is Bad For Towns (How It Began)

 The story begins in this first part, with why flush toilets and garbage trucks are “unAfrican” – and what that has to do with dirty streets in many African cities.  Of the world’s 25 dirtiest cities, 16 – or 64 percent of them – are in Africa. Well, at least that was the story in 2008 when Forbes magazine did …

‘Democracy’ Is Dying Or Dead In Africa; The Continent Is Being Torn Apart – Yet That’s One Of The Best Things To Happen To It (The Prequel)

Tuareg separatist rebels in Mali have taken advantage of the confusion in the capital Bamako following the recent coup against  President Amadou Toumani Toure, to gain more territory. They are reported to have surrounded the historical city of Timbuktu, and wo important northern towns, Kidal and Gao, fell to them and their Islamist allies in the last two weeks. Ironically, …