Mogadishu Locks A Former Al-Shabaab Bossman Out Of The Presidency Of Somalia’s South West State – And Shoots Itself In The Foot

By brazenly interfering in local Somali election politics, Addis Ababa is yet again inflaming anti-Ethiopian sentiments.

Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi Smile Like Siamese Cats At London Somalia Meet; But What The Hell Is Going On In Kismayu?

•Kenya has trained and armed 4,500 Ras Kamboni fighters – while Al Shabaab has about 3,500 fighters left. •With ‘victory’ in Somalia near, the British have eased pressure on President Museveni to behave at home. •Ethiopia needed a trophy ahead of the London conference; it captured Baidoa. •Burundi’s Nkurunziza was feeling so good, he didn’t see the need to show …