Fidel Castro, Liberation, And An Old Affair: How Even African Anti-Communists Came To Love The Cuban Leader (Part 1)

Sections of the African political elite were suspicious and even hostile to Cuba (and the Soviet Union) for years – a series of surprised events in the 1980s conspired to change that

The Moi Hand In Museveni’s Kenya Game; And The Political Tremors Shaking Up The Greater Horn Of Africa (Opening Shots)

Recently The Star newspaper in Nairobi reported that Kenya’s Deputy Prime Minister and Local Government minister Musalia Mudavadi held “secret” talks with Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in Kampala in early April. The meeting, the paper reported, was also attended by former Kenya president Daniel arap Moi’s roving envoy Mark Too. That was a richly significant detail because to understand …