Between Obama And Trump, For Africa’s Democrats Barack Will Likely Always Come Out Smelling Like Roses

Few leaders – whether in America or Africa – leave office with Obama’s record…unblemished by scandal…especially when his leadership traits are with the reckless, bigoted and uninformed actions of his successor

The Fall Of Gambia’s Jammeh, And The Unusual – But Good – Business of Promoting Peace By Waging War In Africa

Over the years African leaders have intervened militarily in many crises, some now forgotten. In Sierra Leone, it was to stop rebels who were infamous for cutting off people’s hands

The Prodigal Son Returns: Short On Money And Friends, Egypt Rediscovers Its African Roots

A major issue is Egypt’s entrenched culture of racism against black Africans. However, there is now more than US$8 billion of Egyptian investment in the rest of Africa and it contributes a hefty 12.5% of the AU’s budget