Kinky, Curly Hair: A Tool Of Resistance In The African Diaspora – Thank You Social Media And Music

In apartheid South Africa, the “pencil test” – inserting a pencil into hair and testing whether it would hold or fall out – was used to determine proximity to whiteness, and access to political, social and economic privileges

Mugabe, Museveni, Kagame Are The Last ‘Liberators’ Left Standing: Africa’s Disappearing ‘Revolutionaries’ – In Pictures

Mugabe, the world’s oldest head of state, yet again disappointed his enemies and critics, by returning home alive

Presidents Into Kings: We’ve Lost The Fight Against 3rd Terms In Africa, So Here Are Some Parting Sour Shots

AS presidential term limits collapse in the face of attacks by big men in Africa, a seemingly difficult question has taken root: Britain, Germany, Israel and other successful nations in Europe and Asia don’t have term limits. So why is it being touted as the magic elixir for Africa’s politics? It’s a valid question, and the fact that it has …