The ANC Has A New Leader, But Politically South Africa Remains In A Very Dangerous Place 

Will Zuma stand down as president of the country if the party asked him, as Mbeki did? Unlikely. Mbeki had no reason to fear the consequences of leaving office. Zuma, on the other hand, has numerous reasons to cling to power.

Like Mugabe In Zimbabwe, Under-Siege Zuma Camp Mobilises ANC Veterans: Democracy In SA Risks Going South

Dressed in military fatigues, 700 “veterans” performing the toyi-toyi protest dance, said they were ready to go to war with what ANC hardliners refer to as “the enemy” and “counter-revolutionaries”

‘Ruthless’ Zuma Swings The Hammer, Sacks Finance Chief Gordhan: Has Dracula Taken Over The Blood Bank In S. Africa?

Zuma presented to the ANC’s top six leadership a self-evidently fake piece of intelligence that he claimed showed Gordhan was in London to persuade investment banks to help him topple the S. African leader.