‘Smart’ Connected Africa Has Tapped Technology To Drive Growth, But Will ICT Be Continent’s Development Magic Bullet?

Mainstream adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Africa is projected to take the next two to five years and is expected to have the most transformational impact on local businesses in the same period

As The ‘Africa Rising’ Story Dies Out, IMF Chief Lagarde Warns Against Swing To Excessive Pessimism About Continent

Halfway through her question the power went off…Save for a few flickers, the rest of the event, also attended by CAR president Touadera, proceeded in darkness

Where Will Africa Be In 2030? If ‘Politics Of The Belly’ Rules, Many Would Still Be Trapped In Extreme Poverty

By 2045–2050 the continent could start catching up with the world, largely due to structural changes in the global economy rather than to changes in Africa itself

Want To Start A Business? Here Are Six Places – Including Two In Africa – To Look For Inspiration

“Africa – The Ultimate Frontier Market” perfectly captures the tremendous opportunities and challenges that exist for finance professionals and entrepreneurs on the continent