Entebbe Makes Love When The Great Lakes Makes War: The Comeback Of A Lakeside City And Its Dark Secret

JUST WHEN WE THOUGHT THE CRISES in Central African Republic (CAR) and South Sudan couldn’t get worse, they did. From CAR, photos of a man, a deranged Christian called “Mad Dog”, cutting and eating up a dead Muslim in revenge

Guns, ‘Foreign’ Armies, And East Africa’s New Long Security Wall (What South Sudan Tells Us)

DAYS AHEAD OF THE SIGNING OF A TRUCE by the warring South Sudan parties in Addis Ababa last Thursday evening (January 23, 2014), Sudan (Khartoum) and Ethiopia criticised Uganda’s role in the crisis. It all started late December. As the East and Horn of Africa grouping, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) met to find a solution to the South …

Random Thoughts And Heresies: From A Four-Wheel Drive Kingdom, American Warriors, ‘Crazy’ African Boat People, And Proud Ethiopians

WHAT A MONTH OCTOBER was – great stories, tragedies galore, rumours, spy drama, Nobel Prizes dished out, Mo Ibrahim Foundation refusing yet again to dole out the African Leadership prize, name it. So what should we make of all the exciting – and for sure depressing – stuff? At one point, as I reflected on these events, my mind went …

CRISIS IN THE GREAT LAKES – THE END: Kagame The ‘Saviour’, And Why Vulcania Republic Will Arise

THERE have always whispers about a “Plan B” for the Tutsi in Rwanda, should international events conspire to allow the ex-Interahamwe elements in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), many of whom are in the Front for the Democratic Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), and extreme Hutu nationalists at home, marshal enough forces to overthrow “Tutsi rule” and massacre them again. …

CRISIS IN THE GREAT LAKES 3: A Congo-based Rebel Chief Visiting Tanzania Disappears And Hell Breaks Loose

According to some sources, what Tanzania is trying to do is forge a united front between the “Tutsi-led” NDC and the so-called moderate faction of FDLR – a predominantly Hutu group.