Perils Of Baksheesh: North Africa Shows The Threat Corruption Poses To The Economy And Security Of Nations

ON  December 17, 2010, young Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself alight in front of the local governor’s office in an ultimate attempt to denounce corruption and injustice in his country. This act of despair triggered the Arab Spring. Eight years later, despite the government’s sustained efforts, corruption seems to be more prevalent in Tunisia than it was under former president …

‘Rwanda Studies’, And Debates Over 1994 Genocide, Are Highly Dominated By Non-Rwandans. Can That Be Fixed?

As Tutsi intellectuals and academics were actively targeted and murdered in 1994, important intellectual capital was lost. However, current literature scholars have also repeatedly argued that Rwandans self-censor their research on politically sensitive topics.

‘Make Like The Dinosaurs, And Disappear!’, Algerians Tell Ailing Strongman Bouteflika. How Does It End?

A genuine and inspiring people’s revolution, powerful yet so far remarkably peaceful, perhaps a second Arab Spring, has been unfolding in Algeria.