Sudan's spectacular Meroe Pyramids .

Many Don’t Know It, But Sudan Not Egypt, Is King Of The Pyramids

WHEN it comes to studying pyramids or pyramid tourism, all roads lead to Egypt. However Sudan has more pyramids than any other country on earth – even more than Egypt.

There are at least 223 pyramids in the Sudanese cities of Al Kurru, Nuri, Gebel Barkal and Meroë, that is more than twice the number in Egypt.

In the popular imagination, however, Egypt is synonymous with pyramids. There are many views why this is so. Some have argued that it’s because the Egyptian pyramids are much older, and much bigger. Others hold that the Egyptian pyramids get more attention because of the conquest of the country by Greece, Rome and then Britain.

In recent decades, Egypt has been a much better salesman of the pyramids, and more open than Sudan.

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