The ‘Incest Barrier’ And What Africa’s Growing Army Of Fake Uncles, Aunties Means

The experience of getting help from fellow Africans who weren’t relatives was probably a strange one for us, and it seems the only way we could reconcile ourselves to it was to treat these people as family.

AFRICA REVOLUTION SERIES part 4: Who ‘Ate’ The Uprising? And What Did Terrorism And China Have To Do With It?

Terrorism forced many technology and security sector reforms that strengthened otherwise rickety African state structures and better enabled them to hold on to power.

AFRICA REVOLUTION SERIES part 2: Tribe, Religion, And The Petty Middle Class Dictator

Africa’s rising middle class has not changed the texture of societies much, or shifted the political debate. Instead, in many countries the quality of public discourse has declined shamefully.

AFRICA REVOLUTION SERIES Part 1: What Bricks, Mortar, Yams And Cellphones Have To Do With It

‘Development’ have politically paralysed the new class of African middle class house owners. They want more, but cannot risk losing what they have. And the more that they want is not radical.