GREAT LAKES CRISIS 6: The End Of Western ‘Spheres Of Influence’, Death And Fall Of Africa’s Big Men

ONE OF the biggest mistakes the world has made about Africa over the years, is to work from the position that it is politics is driven by ethnic rage and fear, a simple desire to grab public goodies for one’s family and clan, ignorance, superstition, and an anti-technology culture. I suspect African leaders like that, because it means they are …

CRISIS IN THE GREAT LAKES 5: Circling The Wagons, And The Smell Of Diamonds, Oil, And Money In Air

UNLESS you are from Southern Africa, then perhaps you haven’t heard that a young smart businessman called Khulubuse Zuma is engaged to Swazi Princess Fiksiwe. Fiksiwe is half-sister to Swaziland King Mswati. Mswati’s many extravagant weddings, harem, the Umhlanga (the annual reed where young maidens parade  barechest before the monarch) over which he presides, are perhaps the most famous things …

CRISIS IN THE GREAT LAKES 4: How End Of ‘Second Congo War’ And World Cup 2010 Made South Africa Hungry

DR Congo’s total mineral wealth is estimated to be worth a dizzying $24 trillion – more than the combined GDP of the US and western Europe – is without doubt the jewel of the SADC crown in resource terms.

The ‘Incest Barrier’ And What Africa’s Growing Army Of Fake Uncles, Aunties Means

The experience of getting help from fellow Africans who weren’t relatives was probably a strange one for us, and it seems the only way we could reconcile ourselves to it was to treat these people as family.