‘Black Man’s Time’ Can Drive You To Suicide, But There’s A ‘Good’ Reason Why Africans Excel At It

THE frustration at the horrible time keeping of most Africans can easily drive you to suicide if you are thin-skinned or aren’t sufficiently cynical. Benin’s President Mathieu Kerekou has been known to keep participants waiting for him to open international conferences in the capital Porto Novo for eight hours. The participants sometimes won’t be fed or allowed to leave the conference …

ANC Celebrates 100 Years…And The Tyranny Of ‘Acknowledgement Politics’ In South Africa (A Nation Still Uncomfortable In Its African Skin)

 JAN. 8, 2012: Tens of thousands of South Africans today attended a rally in Bloemfontein to mark the 100th anniversary of the country’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC). Unfortunately, the iconic and charismatic 93-year-old Nelson Mandela didn’t attend the rally because of poor health. The gods love Mandela. Unlike the Biblical Moses, they allowed him not only to …

Somalia Doesn’t Have To Fight To Conquer: Somalis Are Already Africa’s Small Kings And Queens

The common thing about immigrants everywhere in the world is that they tend to work harder than the “natives”. They also often succeed spectacularly, which brings on deadly jealousies.

Dictatorship, War, Hunger, Disease Have Messed Up Africa – But Could Also Save The Continent!

Because power offers so many advantages, and the loss of it can lead to drastic reversals of fortunes, the old ruling classes can become overly bitter at the loss of privilege.