Dictatorship, War, Hunger, Disease Have Messed Up Africa – But Could Also Save The Continent!

Because power offers so many advantages, and the loss of it can lead to drastic reversals of fortunes, the old ruling classes can become overly bitter at the loss of privilege.

Record 17 Presidential Elections In Africa In 2011, 78% Of Them Disputed: Are Free Polls UnAfrican?

People like the admirable Tanzanian president Julius Nyerere were right to claim that old Africa had a democratic system of appointing leaders. However, what they didn’t have was a democratic system of removing them.

The ‘Dark’ Continent: Africa’s Energy Pain Could Be Ended By Decentralisation And More ‘Tribalism’

With the right governance structures, regional power authorities could be made more accountable than the remote energy oligarchs in far away capitals that we have today.