Burundi: A Nation Trapped By A Crocodile, Its Born-Again Track-Suit Addicted President, And The Mountains

Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t, watch the 2007 film “Primeval”. Primeval, originally titled “Gustave”, follows a news team sent to Burundi to capture a crocodile on Lake Tanganyika. That crocodile is called Gustave. According to a Wikipedia entry, in 2004 Gustave was estimated to be 60 years old, 20 feet (6.1 m) in length and to weigh around 1,000 kilogrammes. …

Why Digital Thieves Are Good For The Future Of Online Business; A View From The Equator In Africa

So from tomorrow January 18, Wikipedia will join many other websites in a blackout to protest laws being proposed in the US Congress and Senate to crackdown on online piracy. For several hours, Wikipedia and services like Boing Boing and Reddit, will not be available. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the US Congress, and Protect IP Act (PIPA) …

Martin Luther King And The Case For Enlightened Cowardice; Obama Is Eating The Fruit

Martin Luther King’s genius was in knowing how to win a little today, spare his troops for another fight tomorrow so they might win another piece

Let The Nigerian And Ugandan Protestors Burn Down Their Cities…But First They Should Stop Being Jokers In The Rulers’ Circus

One expects many things from unpredictable Africa, but a protest against high interest rates isn’t something you would anticipate on our side of the tracks

Social Media, The ‘Leapfrog Effect’, Cappuccino Democrats, And Anti-Politics In Our Side Of The World

Social media has partly solved the “isolation problem” for the brave democrats who take on the tear-gas lobbing police