Diamonds Aren’t Always Forever: Africa Takes A Narrow View Of ‘Blood Diamonds’, And NGOs Long Walked Away In Disgust

Some African states resisted the demand for a wider definition of “conflict diamonds” to include government violence. They even suspected it was part a “regime change” agenda.

Gabon Is At A Standstill With President Bongo Away Ill, But His Mother-In-Law Has Saved His Job – For Now

The state basically recognised the president’s incapacity to continue holding office, while also refusing to follow the constitution. The Senate president would have assumed the position and called elections in 30-60 days.

Stella Nyanzi: The Formidable Feminist Foe Uganda’s Longtime Ruler Museveni Has Failed To Silence

Imprisoned several times, Nyanzi has been fearless in her criticism of Museveni. She has embraced a Ugandan tradition called ‘radical rudeness’ that dates back to pre-independence days of the late 1940s.