Why Al-Shabaab Terror Group Targets Kenya, And What Can Be Done To Stop Attacks

An expanding democratic space and high levels of corruption also mean that al-Shabaab is able to exploit Kenya’s governance weaknesses when it comes to security.

Tshisekedi’s Victory In DR Congo Is Historic – And Possibly An ‘Election Coup’. Now Comes The Hardest Part

With runner-up Martin Fayulu challenging the result, and the powerful Catholic church and the French also casting doubt on his victory, Tshisekedi is unlikely to have an easy road to power.

Mogadishu Locks A Former Al-Shabaab Bossman Out Of The Presidency Of Somalia’s South West State – And Shoots Itself In The Foot

By brazenly interfering in local Somali election politics, Addis Ababa is yet again inflaming anti-Ethiopian sentiments.