School children attending parade in South Africa: there have improvements for Africa’s school children, but still a long road to travel ahead. (Photo/Trevor Samson/World Bank).

Big Progress, Yes, But Still Less Than 10% Of African Children Make It To Higher Education

AS Sub-Saharan Africa seeks to boost innovation, adopt new technologies, and disrupt ‘business as usual’ practices, it will be critical that African governments continue to tackle the skills gap that spans all age groups, according to Africa’s Pulse.

Africa Pulse is a biannual analysis of African economies, and the latest edition (PDF) dedicates a special section to skills development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The reports notes that have been some impressive achievements. More African children are in school today than ever and over the past 50 years, primary completion rates have more than doubled while completion of lower secondary school has increased five-fold

And yet, big challenges still remain. Almost one in every three children fail to complete primary school. In most countries, less than 50% of children complete lower secondary education, and less than 10% make it to higher education.

On the economic front, Africa’s Pulse reveals a modest increase in growth, showing a timid recovery from last year’s record low.

-World Bank

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