Good News – There’s Less Armed Conflict In Africa. Bad News – There’s More Political Violence

Violence in Africa has been moving away from armed conflicts to higher levels of riots, protests and social violence, such as homicide and violence associated with organised crime.

By 2050 Nearly 1.4 Billion Africans – 58% Of Continent’s Population – Will Live In Cities. Here’s What It Means In 10 Charts

Today, almost 90% of Gabon’s population lives in urban areas while hardly 12% of Burundians do

By 2030 Sub-Saharan Africans Could Be 20% Of World Population, But 65% Of Global Poor. Here’s How To Fix That

It’s governance stupid! Improvement in governance in sub-Saharan Africa would lift more people out of poverty than either providing universal access to improved sanitation or eliminating communicable diseases