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Huge Ejaculation u Xuefeng talked with a group of sisters for twenty minutes. He speaks decently, humility and courtesy, so that a bunch of sisters can t wait to spoil him. Hou Manxuan is feeling that this little day is very moist, he suddenly took out his mobile phone and shook Man Xuan sister, can I add your WeChat No, it doesn t matter, after all, it is more private. I have no other meaning. Because I bought your concert ticket, I want to find Huge Ejaculation you on Huge Ejaculation the spot Of course, no problem. Hou Manxuan looked at his mother and smiled and took out his mobile phone. Before he had time to open the QR code, the mobile phone had been taken away. Zi Tu Ge Huge Ejaculation Su Xuefeng blinked. Hou Manxuan looked back and was Gong Zitu. He looked at the contents Huge Ejaculation of her mobile phone screen an.d locked the phone Huge Ejaculation Do you still have the mood to play WeChat Come out with me. I just didn t come out just now, how come But Huge Ejaculation the words were not finished, and the wrist was already held by Gong Zitu. He took her off the chair and dragged her to the door. What are you doing, I am adding a younger brother, you are very rude to do this. As soon as he went out, Hou Manxuan opened his hand and Huge Ejaculation shook hand

s and said with grievances, Where did the former cute rabbit go Huge Ejaculation Really Things are not as simple as you think. What is the relationship max load review between Wei Weide and you, tell me honestly. She originally platinum 3000 male enhancement sex pill natural no headache fast acting single pack wanted to ask why, but she rarely saw the appearance of Gong Zitu so seriously, and suddenly felt a little nervous. She took a step forward and approached Huge Ejaculation him, whispering He is my biological father. what I don t say the second time. impossible. How is it impossible, this is to prove my father and your mother. Then, she told him that the father was good at playing drums Huge Ejaculation and Farewell Night drums. This does not mean that Zhu Weide is your father. Have you Huge Ejaculation rabbit male enhancement confirmed with him Ok. Does he confess Yes. Hou Manxuan Huge Ejaculation replied categorically, penis enlargement pills at gnc and stunned again. He recalled the general conversation between him and Zhu Weide that day. I don t remember very clearly It cheap male enhancement products seems that there is, but there is no, but I was Huge Ejaculation very angry Huge Ejaculation when I was lookin.g for him. I almost hit me. You think about it again, did he admit that he is your father. Hou Manxuan buried his head and thought for a long while. She was very excited that day and did not deliberately notice their conve

Huge Ejaculation

rsation. So, she gave up and took out the phone and dialed a phone call Wait, I will call your mother to confirm it and see if I can ah, hello, Aunt Fu Yeah, Manman, have you called Auntie so early today Huge Ejaculation Fu Yuemin s pleasant voice passed over. Aunt Fu, I need to confirm with you in a hurry. Can we make a long story short Okay. Zhu Weide is my biological father, right The phone was really silent. Hou Manxuan thinks of Fu Yuemin s commitment to his mother. He is thinking about explaining, who knows that Fu Yuemin s voice has sunk What do you say, I didn t tell you, your father is a very good person. How can Zhu Weide be your father Hou Manxuan stunned Is Zhu Weide not good enough The morality is Huge Ejaculation low, and the family is not responsible. Regardless of the success of the cause, it is not good. Chapter 50 Who is my father Hou Manxuan Huge Ejaculation couldn t help but mention the problem again. Fu Yuemin s answer is also no surprise This can t tell you, I promised your mother. But I can remind you that he and Zhu Weide are very close. I Huge Ejaculation can only say so much, then I will tell you directly. No difference, let s check the rest.. Hou Huge Ejaculation Manxuan Huge Ejaculation hangs up the phone and

looks at Gong Zitu inexplicably. It s really not liquid nitro male enhancement review Zhu Weide. Although I take before sex male enhancement pills am very happy not to be the daughter of such a person, but I am even Huge Ejaculation bigger. If Zhu Weide is not my father, I am not Huge Ejaculation afraid that I will expose rhino male enhancement 9000 him to illegitimate. Huge Ejaculation The facts of women, why do you have to make such a big trouble with me Huge Ejaculation Moreover, there are too many people who have a close relationship with Zhu Weide, how can I find out It s not too much to be close to him, to play drums, more than 50 years old. Yes, their generation will Huge Ejaculation have a lot of drums. Hou Manxuan searched the names of various old predecessors in his mind, Huge Ejaculation and then searched all the mobile phones again, and saved their personal information alpha red male enhancement one by one, but furry male enhancement pills it seems that they are unlikely to be their fathers