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Clemix Male Enhancement Otaheite. On the 10th high land was seen on the larboard side, about eight leagues off, but the Unity was unable to reach it. On the 11th she came up with another high island, with a second, much lower., about two leagues to the southward. About this time another double canoe appeared, which outsailed the Unity. She was steered with two oars, one in each canoe. The Clemix Male Enhancement Dutch, wishing to anchor, stood in until they brought up about a cannon shot from the island, which consisted of an entire mountain, resembling one of the Moluccas, and was covered over with cocoa nut trees. No sooner had the ship come to an anchor than she was surrounded by canoes, the people from which leaped into the water and swam to her, carrying in their hands cocoa nuts and roots of various sorts. These they bartered for nails, beads, and other trifles so that the crew obtained a sufficient number of cocoa nuts to supply each of them bountifully. This traffic brought so Clemix Male Enhancement many of the native Clemix Male Enhancement canoes round the ship, that the Dutchmen had Clemix Male Enhancement a Clemix Male Enhancement difficul.ty in steering clear of them. Clemix Male Enhancement A boat was now sent to the other island to discover better anchorage, but she was quickly b

eset with a vast number of canoes, full of Clemix Male Enhancement wild savages armed with clubs, who attempted to board her. When the seamen first fired their muskets, the natives laughed at them for making so mens sexual supplements much noise and doing so little harm but at the next discharge, a savage being shot through the breast, they quickly retreated. They male penile enhancement were strong, well proportioned men, and expert swimmers. Notwithstanding the hostility they first displayed, the savages came again on the 12th in their canoes, laden with cocoa nuts, bananas, roots, hogs, and fresh water, all struggling to get first on board. Those from the canoes outside leaped into the sea, and, diving, swam to the ship with bunches of cocoa stiff up male enhancement nuts Clemix Male Enhancement in their mouths. climbing up the sides master zone 1500 male enhancement like so many rats, in such swarms that the Dutch had to keep them off Clemix Male Enhancement with their cutlasses. best male enhancement pill 2015 Sufficient cocoa nuts were obtained that day to give each man of the crew a dozen. The natives seemed astonished at the strength of the Clemix Male Enhancement Unity. Some of them were seen to dive under her bottom, knocking against it with stones, as if to try how strong it was. Their King Clemix Male Enhancement or chief sent on board Clemix Male Enhancement a black hog as a present, the messenger be

Clemix Male Enhancement

ing ordered to take no reward. Shortly afterwards he Clemix Male Enhancement came in person, in a large double canoe, attended by thirty five single canoes. When at a distance he and his people began to shout at the top of their voices, that being their manner of welcoming strangers. He was not to be distinguished from any Clemix Male Enhancement of his subjects by any external mark, for he was as naked as they were Clemix Male Enhancement was seen who he was by the reverence they showed him. The Dutchmen, to do him honour, began beating their drums and sounding their trumpets, and this seemed to Clemix Male Enhancement afford him much satisfaction, as he and his attendants, to show how highly they appreciated this reception, bowed and clapped their hands until they grew tired of Clemix Male Enhancement the performance. The King then sent another pig, in one of the small canoes, on board the Unity , for which Captain Schouten returned him an old Clemix Male Enhancement hatchet, some rusty nails, some glass beads, and a piece of linen cloth, with which he seemed highly Clemix Male Enhancement pleased. They then invited him by signs to come on board. He would not, however, trust himself with the strangers but, after satisfying his curiosity, he, followed by the rest of the canoes, took his dep

arture. At noon on the 13th, fully twenty three do. uble canoes and forty five single ones, in each penil pumps of which there could not have been less than seven or eight men, were seen coming off from steel rx male muscle enhancement formula Clemix Male Enhancement the male enhancement extenze plus shore, and soon perfectly surrounded the ship. At first the savages pretended to come for male enhancement over the counter male enhancement pills the purpose of trading, making signs of Clemix Male Enhancement friendship, and endeavouring to persuade their visitors to remove the ship to another island, where there was better anchorage. Captain Clemix Male Enhancement Schouten suspected, however, in spite of this, that there was some mischief intended. He therefore ordered his men to arm themselves, and load their guns as Clemix Male Enhancement well Clemix Male Enhancement as their muskets, to Clemix Male Enhancement be ready for Clemix Male Enhancement an attack. He was not mistaken